Fike Video Analytics Detection System Now Available through Siemens

Blue Springs, MO, March 7, 2013 Fike® Video Image Detection (VID) announces that it is now supplying Fike Video Analytics smoke detection systems to Siemens Industry, Inc. Building Technologies Division throughout the United States. Siemens’ branch offices have already installed a number of Fike Video Analytics systems, successfully providing fire and security solutions to applications ranging from industrial and petrochemical to cultural and institutional facilities.

The NFPA 72 compliant, UL Listed, FM Approved and CE Marked Fike Video Analytics is an IP camera that utilizes onboard video analytics to detect flame, smoke, reflected fire light and motion. Each algorithm is independently controlled and can be enabled/disabled based on the hazard or environment. The detection events are instantly reported to the Digital Video Management (DVM) system over a standard network connection and/or directly to any fire alarm system through onboard configurable relays. Fike Video Analytics unique algorithm sensitivities allow for endless configuration options to suit specific fire, smoke and intrusion detection requirements.

“The addition of Fike Video Analytics to the Siemens fire product portfolio helps complete our extensive product offering with a single detector capable of detecting flame and smoke, eliminating stratification detection issues in high ceiling applications and providing video output and integration with our video monitoring systems. The system is customizable to suit detection requirements for a wide range of applications from industrial to cultural and is an exciting technology,” said Perry Levine, Senior Director of Business Development for Fire and Security Products, Siemens Industry, Inc.

Siemens’ Building Technologies Division, which is part of Siemens AG (Munich, Germany), is the world market leader for safe and secure, energy-efficient and environment-friendly buildings and infrastructures. The Division offers technologies, solutions, and services for safety and security as well as for building automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy management.  Fike VID is a subsidiary of Fike Corporation, a globally recognized supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, and over-pressurization. With over 65 years of experience manufacturing safety solutions, Fike offers a complete line of proven, reliable products to customers around the world.

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