myFike is the new Fike Training and Knowledge system used to provide factory certification to our external partners. If an external partner has taken Fike training within the last 6 years (January 2012 to present), they should already have a myFike account. All they need to do is activate their account by clicking this link: Request Password ( If you already have a myFike account, please click this link to log in: myFike login.

If the external partner has not taken Fike training within the last 6 years, they will need to request a new myFike account by filling out the myFike Account Request Form located below. Please allow 48 hours to process this request.

Please complete the following required information for the new myFike user request:

  • No personal email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…) will be accepted.
  • Representative or distributor number. If you do not have this number, contact your local Regional Sales Manager.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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