Vraag een login aan voor het leerplatform van de External Partner Training (voorheen MyFike)

Toegang tot het Fike Training en kennissysteem voor fabriekscertificering voor Fike's externe partners.

If you’re an external partner and have taken Fike training since January 2012, you should already have a Training account. All you need to do is activate your account by Requesting Password ( If you already have a Fike training account, please log in at Inloggen voor training.

If you haven’t taken Fike training within the last 6 years, you will need to request a new Training account by submitting an email using the following prompts (below or to the right hand column).

Submit an email request for support, include your Full Name, Email Address and Distributor Number.

(Please allow 48 hours to process this request)