Fike’s Reputation Begins with Unparalleled Customer Service

From engineering solutions to help solve the BP Oil Spill to protecting a museum’s irreplaceable artifacts from fire, Fike’s industrial safety solutions can vary greatly.

But what’s consistent in our wide array of capabilities is the personable customer service for which Fike is known.

Building an allegiance of happy, loyal customers comes from the relationship they experience through every touchpoint within an organization. And while customer service falls on every person in an organization, there are contributors who are tasked with that role day in and day out.

This week (October 7-11) is recognized as Customer Service Week. We here at Fike want to celebrate the emphasis to customer service displayed throughout our organization in the form of timeliness, dedication and care offered to each of our valued customers.

Expertise You Can Count On

Chris Hanson helps solve a Fike business partner’s question about fire protection systems.

Fire protection system design, installation and commissioning requires intricate yet easy-to-understand technical support. Our support teams include engineers, members of safety committees such as NFPA and ATEX and teams who have undergone additional training to help answer the technical questions expected of our customers.

Following a customer support request, John Bonnier of FPS, a Fike fire protection business partner, reached out following a customer support request with Chris Hanson, Fike Electrical Support Specialist.

“Chris went way above the level of what I would consider doing his job when I had my back against a deadline with a co-location communications company. Chris not only gave expert technical help but also went far out of his way to support us after normal technical support hours. I cannot stress how important it was for us to meet that particular deadline, and without Chris’s help it just would not have happened.”

John Bonnier, FPS

The Importance of On-Time Delivery

The Fike team understands perhaps better than anyone that disaster doesn’t wait. That’s why the speed at which Fike can deliver a solution is always a top priority, regardless of when the purchase order is received.

Fike Project Manager, Kyle Yoakum, recalled a recent scenario where timeliness was essential to keeping a Chicago-based Energy Company protected from explosion hazards:

“A new drawing package was turned around after a day’s notice from receiving the purchase order. The applications team committed to the task and worked late on a Friday to push out the needed design so that installation contractors could use it during that weekend’s work.

“The customer needed the product fast, and Fike ensured that equipment was pushed through delivery within the week of order with the collective efforts from our receiving department, new order entry, manufacturing and shipping.

“Our in-house technicians stepped up and hand delivered parts on a Saturday. In addition, we had four technicians on-site the following week working extended hours to accommodate the customer’s needs.”

Kyle Yoakum

Building Relationships that Trust in Fike

Tina Barnett speelt een belangrijke rol bij het helpen van speciale brandsystemen

Tina Barnett is instrumental in providing solutions to Fike business partners including Special Fire Systems.

One of Fike’s primary core values is to have an intimate awareness of our customer’s needs. We measure this value’s success by the feedback we receive from our business partners and customers.

Jason Tomlin, Vice President of Special Fire Systems, noted that the expertise, reliability and importance displayed by Tina Barnett, Fike Senior Account Coordinator, ensures they receive the support needed to best solve their customer’s needs.

“The customer service provided makes Fike stand out, and we at Special Fire Systems want to make sure Tina Barnett was acknowledged for it. This will continue as long as we offer the appropriate response to our customer’s needs and are perceived as the best, most knowledgeable and service-driven manufacturer in the market.”

Jason Tomlin, vice-president van speciale brandsystemen

Our Success Is Defined By Your Satisfaction

At the core of a great business is unforgettable customer service experiences that often go unreported or underappreciated. Above are just a few stories among countless others that highlight why Fike values and celebrates our dedicated customer service staff.

Without our customer service team’s ability to listen, to understand and to solve the problems of our customers, Fike simply wouldn’t be recognized as one of the world’s top industrial safety solutions organizations.