RD500 ATLAS® High Performance Rupture Disc

RD500 ATLAS® High Performance Rupture Disc

Higher Pressure, High Performance

ATLAS offers higher pressure capability, while still featuring high performance benefits including a 95% operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability. Higher burst pressures of up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG), makes ATLAS the endurance workhorse of the G2 Technology line of products.

Product Detail

  • Made using exclusive Fike G2 Manufacturing Technology.
  • Operates up to 95% of its marked burst pressure
  • Available in multiple materials and flange ratings
  • Disc seal material options: Hastelloy® C276, 316/316L SST and Inconel 625
  • Operates in both gas and liquid applications
  • Standard with a zero manufacturing range
  • Can be ordered with an optional FEP or PFA fluoropolymer liner on the process side
  • Effective in VALVEGUARD protection of expensive Pressure Relief Valves and Safety Relief Valves
  • Ideal for sour gas applications


Complete and current specs can be found in the ATLAS Rupture Disc Data Sheet

  • SIZE RANGE: 1-42 in | 25-1050 mm
  • BURST PRESSURE RANGE: 3.25-1500 psig | 0.22-103.4 barg
  • TOLERANCES:±1 psi for <20 psig | ±0.07 bar for <1.4 barg || ±5% for > 20 psig | ±5% for 1.4 barg
  • BACK PRESSURE: 105% of burst pressure; consult factory if application has higher backpressure

Performance Attributes

  • Non-Fragmenting
  • Vacuum Resistant
  • Pulsating/Cyclic
  • Process Media: Liquid*, Vapor/Gas

Sizes 14 in (DN350) and up are suitable for use in liquid systems only with listed volume of compressible vapor against the disc at the time of opening. See table below for the minimum vapor volume requirement.

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