Explosion Suppression (HRD)

Explosion Suppression (HRD)

Unique Technology Detects and Responds in Milliseconds

Fike suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages – before an explosion can cause a disaster or become catastrophic.

Fike suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages – before an explosion can cause a disaster or become catastrophic. While un-suppressed explosion pressures reach dangerous levels in less than 50 milliseconds, Fike’s unique technology can detect and respond in milliseconds – averting a catastrophe.

Additionally, a Fike suppression system reduces the propagation of any flames to other process equipment. Patented container and nozzle designs minimize flow restrictions, helping extinguish the explosion faster and minimizing pressure build-up inside the process equipment. The suppression container has no moving parts or wear points, increasing the reliability of your Fike suppression system. 

An explosion suppression system from Fike offers many other distinct advantages:

  • Suppresses Class ST III dust explosion hazards – offering your business the highest level of industrial explosion protection
  • Patented dispersion nozzles provide full coverage and increase agent discharge velocity
  • Fike control circuit designs provide continued service even if two of the wires become severed.
  • Prevents pressure piling and secondary explosions with interconnected equipment
  • Retains toxic or valuable material within the process equipment
  • The GCA provides a safer, more reliable initiation device.
  • Options are available for a variety of agents and special hygienic applications

Knowing the explosibility characteristics of the potential fuel is necessary to design an effective explosion suppression system. Fike has its own Testing facility to perform these, as well as other pertinent tests, to help identify which safety and protection equipment is correct for your application. Fike provides solution-based designs so you can expect an explosion protection strategy based on your specific needs.

Fike Explosion Suppression systems are FM Approved and meet or exceed global standards including:

  • ATEX
  • NFPA 69
  • CSA

Active vs Passive Explosion Protection

Because explosion suppression does not vent flame or other material, it is the solution of choice when toxic materials are being handled, equipment is located indoors, or venting exposes personnel to the discharge of pressure and flame.

HRD Lockout Assembly

Fike also offers an HRD Lockout Assembly, a mechanical barrier used to prevent an accidental discharge of an explosion suppression container (HRD) into the process vessel during maintenance and cleaning of the vessel and/or protection system. Available in 4″ and 6″ sizes, Fike’s HRD Lockout Assembly is fully compatible with all existing Fike explosion suppression installations. The product can also be installed in hazardous area locations with use of an optional intrinsic safety barrier.

Gas Cartridge Actuator

Offering the fastest, most reliable response time available, Fike explosion isolation and explosion suppression systems are activated without an explosive charge. Fike’s exclusive Gas Cartridge Actuator has a 10 year service life, which can lower maintenance costs and plant downtime; most competitors’ conventional detonators recommend a replacement every 12 months!

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