GD Series or Graphite Rupture Disc

GD Series or Graphite Rupture Disc


Made from phenolic resin-impregnated graphite, Fike Graphite rupture discs offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Product Detail

  • No holders (mounts between companion flanges) for easy installation
  • Easily customizable to the customer’s exact specifications
  • For GD Discs in vacuum service (GDV), a vacuum support will be required if the burst pressure is less than 20 psig.
  • GDI SERIES (inverted) rupture discs typically are supplied in higher burst ratings and are produced for Class 150, Class 300 and equivalent flange ratings.
  • GDL SERIES rupture discs extend corrosion resistance to highly oxidizing agents, halogens and virtually all other corrosives (except free fluorine), and are suitable for specified temperatures up to 430°F without insulation.
  • GDHT, GDIHT, GDLHT SERIES Insulated discs accommodate specified temperatures up to 700°F. They utilize fibrous silica and alumina, which is not suitable with liquid applications, and can be attacked by hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis.



Size Range0.50 – 24 in15 – 600 mm
Burst Pressure Range0.25 – >1000 PSIG0.02 – >68.95 BARG0.04 – >70.31 KG/CM2


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