Hydraulic Tubing Drain Rupture Discs For Downhole Applications


Fike Hydraulic Tubing Drains for use with deep hole drilling tools, downhole devices and other oil and off shore drilling applications provide an accurate method to equalize the fluid level in tubing strings, without mechanical manipulation. Fike HTD rupture discs, used as standard equipment, drastically reduce the frequency of stuck tubing strings, having to pull wet strings and other oil field equipment and tubing concerns.

  • Cost effective Hydraulic Tubing Drain rupture discs from Fike offer a number of benefits:
  • Provides a positive indication of open drain
  • Eliminates unreliable, shear pin devices
  • Resists corrosion for increased reliability and cost-efficiency
  • Available in three pressures for use in most tubing sizes for added flexibility
  • Eliminates mechanical moving parts, improving the accuracy and reliability
  • Eliminates fragile O-rings which can become damaged during assembly and can lead to failure in the field