LO-V® Rupture Disc

LO-V® Rupture Disc

Bi-directional, Ultralow Burst Pressure

The unique Lo-V rupture disc is designed to relieve undesired pressure conditions in either a forward or reverse acting direction. Depending on how the holder is oriented, the Lo-V disc can perform the tasks of two different rupture discs and is designed to protect processing and storage tanks from implosion or over pressure conditions.

  • Unique blade design offers superior opening and flow relief – patent pending.
  • 1″ water column minimum burst pressure
  • Sanitary and bolt-type configurations
  • Compatible with many competitive holder designs
  • Non-fragmenting
  • 3-A approved by independent auditors
  • Optional single-direction burst


Design  Bi-directional, Ultralow Burst Pressure
Size Range  3 in to 8 inDN80 to DN200
Burst Pressure Range  1″ WC to 150 psig0.21 barg to 11.72 barg
Burst Pressure Tolerance  ± 2 psig for burst pressures > 3 psig and ≤ 19.9 psig
± 10% for burst pressures > 20 psig and ≤ 170 psig
± 0.14 barg for burst pressures > 0.21 barg and ≤ 1.37 barg
± 10% for burst pressures > 1.38 barg and ≤ 11.72 barg


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