P Series Rupture Disc

P Series Rupture Disc

Conventional, Pre-Bulged, Forward-Acting

The economical P Series of Fike rupture discs are designed for ruggedness and ease of installation. The CPV rupture disc is a three-member disc that consists of a retainer ring, a rupture disc and a vacuum support – spot welded together to make a sturdy, closely fitted unit. The CPV-C version includes a full cover to protect the disc from downstream dirt or rust.

Product Detail

  • Designed for installation in flanges which utilize the standard 30° seating
  • The Conventional Prebulged (P) rupture disc is a single-member disc that may utilize a fluoropolymer or polyurethane coating on either or both sides.
  • In addition to typical seal materials, tantalum, titanium or other precious metals may be used when dealing with corrosive media.
  • 70% Operating Ratio
  • Gas or liquid service
  • Full vacuum rating (CPV and CPV-C)



DesignConventional, Pre-Bulged, Forward-acting
Size Range0.5 – 24 in15 – 600 mm
Burst Pressure Range1.5 – 11,000 PSIG0.10 – 758 BARG0.11 – 773 KG/CM2
P Series Rupture Disc Chart

P Series Rupture Disc Chart


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