Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Relief Valve Protection


Are Your Pressure Relief Valves protected?

Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are commonly used in many industries to protect processes, and ultimately, the business overall.

However, PRVs are expensive to maintain and replace, have a risk of leakage of toxic media, and the valve inlet may clog during a polymeric process.

So, how can you avoid these issues, all while increasing your plant’s operating potential, improving plant procedures and safety, and potentially reducing downtime, maintenance and fugitive emissions concerns?

By safeguarding your high-cost PRVs with affordable rupture discs from Fike.

Fike’s ValveGuard concept is designed to use Fike rupture discs to isolate or ”guard” your PRVs from process media and the ingress from downstream contaminants

Isolating a PRV with a rupture disc provides the following advantages:

  • Improved Leak Tightness: Leakage is a common issue with PRVs. A rupture disc used at the inlet of the PRV mitigates this issue, as it acts as a chemical barrier between the process media and the valve.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The PRV will remain in good condition as long as the rupture disc has not burst. This means that typical service intervals can be extended considerably.
  • Lower Operational Costs: A reverse-acting rupture disc makes an in situ PRV test feasible. Injecting a pressurized gas between the rupture disc and valve seat of the PRV can demonstrate its safe operation. This test can be executed during a normal production process without the need to dismantle the PRV and test it on a bench.
  • Extended Valve Life: Fike rupture discs prevent process media from adhering to mechanical components of the PRV that would affect the valve performance and the safety of the system.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Corrosion-resistant PRVs are expensive and have a long lead time. Using an upstream Fike rupture disc in combination with a carbon steel PRV can save time and money.

Fike’s ValveGuard concept protects PRVs from the exposure to corrosion, material build up, polymerization and back pressure, resulting in high ROI value and an extended lifetime of important and expensive safety equipment.

ValveGuard Pressure Safety Relief Valve


  • PRV protection
  • Polymer service
  • Corrosive service
  • Refining
  • Power Plants