RD300 Reverse Acting Rupture Disc

RD300 Reverse Acting Rupture Disc

G2 Manufacturing Technology with High Burst Pressure Capacity

The RD300 is a reverse-acting rupture disc suitable for most common industrial pressure relief applications. Utilizing Fike’s patented G2 Manufacturing Technology, this pre-engineered rupture disc offers high burst pressure capacity and sizes up to 24″.

  • Operating Ratio
    • 90% of marked burst pressures over 40 psig (2.76 barg) – ASME
    • 90% of minimum burst tolerance for burst pressures less than or equal to 40 psig (2.76 barg) – ASME and EN ISO 4126-2
    • 95% of minimum burst pressure over 40 psig (2.76 barg) – EN ISO 4126-2
  • Capable of up to 10,000 cycles with pressures ranging between full vacuum up to 90% of marked burst pressure (ASME) or 95% of the minimum burst pressure range (EN ISO 4126-2) (up to 90% of minimum burst pressure for pressure below 40 psig (2.76 barg))
  • Backpressure: 100% of specified burst pressure
  • Operates in both gas and liquid applications
  • ASME Certified
  • Can be ordered with an optional FEP or PFA fluoropolymer liner on the process side
  • Effective in VALVEGUARD protection of expensive Pressure Relief Valves and Safety Relief Valves.


Design  Reverse-Acting, High Burst Pressure
Size Range  1 in to 24 in DN25 to DN600
Burst Pressure Range  3.50 psig to 1500 psig 0.24 barg to 103.42 barg
Burst Pressure Tolerance ± 2 psig for burst pressure ≤ 40 psig
± 5% for burst pressure > 40 psig
± 0.14 barg for burst pressure  ≤ 2.76 barg
± 5% for burst pressure > 2.76 barg
Materials 316/316L SST, Hastelloy®C276 and Inconel®625



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