Rupture Disc Burst Indicator

Rupture Disc Burst Indicator

Burst indicators are used to provide instantaneous notification of a rupture disc activation or leakage through the disc.

Depending on the device selected, Fike rupture discs with burst sensors and indicators can be used to activate alarms, bells, remote annunciators or interfaced with process control systems, so that appropriate safety follow-up measures can be taken. Use this selection guide to help you determine the most appropriate Fike rupture disc burst indicator for your industrial or hygienic application.

 Liquid or GasProcess TempExplosion ProofIntrinsically SafeWeatherproofSRV IsolationPressure ExtremesDisc TypesSize
BurstCheckYes400℉NoYes1NEMA 4Yes10 to 1000 psiAllAll
BurstCheck PlusYes400℉NEMA 7, 9N/ANEMA 4, 7, 9, 13Yes10 to 500 psiAllAll
BurstCheck 2 &
BurstCheck LP2
Yes2500℉NoYes1YesNo3See note 5SRX, SRL, Poly-SD, Axius, HO, P-Series, MRK0.5-24"
BCHYes350℉NoYes1YesNo310 psi minimumAxius SC, SR-H, SRX, AD-H TC1.5-4"
IntegralYes350℉ 5NoYes1YesNo3See note 5Axius SC, SR-H, SRX, AD-H TC, AD-H BT, Lo-V

1When properly installed with an appropriate intrinsic barrier and in accordance with local and national electrical codes
2Pressure limits may be a function of size and media. Consult factory for other pressures.
3Will not detect pinhole leakage through the disc, not considered a suitable tell-tale indicator when used alone.
4Refer to applicable rupture disc model data sheet for limitations.
5Refer to BurstCheck Line of Rupture Disc Burst Indicators data sheet.
6Refer to TB8105


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