SigniFire IP Video Flame and Smoke Detection Camera


SigniFire IP Video Smoke detection camera, combines the enhanced resolution and picture clarity of a standard network camera with built-in fire, smoke and motion detector capabilities. The detection events are instantly reported to the Digital Video Management (DVM) system over a standard network connection and/or communicated directly to the CyberCat® Fire Alarm Control Panel through a configurable relay.

SigniFire IP video flame detection and video smoke detection camera


  • Museums
  • Transportation
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers

Algorithms Sensitivity Levels

Each detection algorithm runs independently on the camera. This allows the end user to adjust the sensitivity settings — low, medium, high, and ultra (smoke only) — or turn off an algorithm altogether. The built in flexibility allows for a wide range of video flame and smoke detection options.

Detection / Exclusion Zones

Each SigniFire IP video flame detection and video smoke detection camera can be configured with multiple detection and/or exclusion zones within the field of view. These zones can be added to do all of the following:

  • detect specific events (fire, smoke and motion) within the zone
  • detect events everywhere except the zone
  • The activation of each zone can also be linked to specific time schedules
  • setting up a motion detection zone in a hallway to be only active at night and/or weekends, when no one should be in the building.
  • if the area is known for steam release occurring at certain periods of time, a smoke detection exclusion zone can be defined and linked to a schedule when such releases are expected.

These detection/exclusion zones, combined with SigniFire’s unique algorithm sensitivities, allow for endless configuration options to suit specific fire, smoke and intrusion detection requirements.


SigniFire IP video flame and smoke detection cameras are network devices with their own IP address. Communicating with the camera is easily accomplished with standard TCP/IP networking protocols. This enables the SigniFire solution to scale easily to any size organization. The SigniFire video flame and smoke detection cameras can be monitored anywhere there is network connectivity. Email alerts with snapshots of the event can also be sent to handheld PDA’s.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface

The SigniFire IP video flame and smoke detection camera can connect directly to a CyberCat® Fire Alarm Control Panel as a regular smoke and fire detector via three built-in, dry-contact relays mounted on the back of each camera. The dry contacts can also be easily programmed to include a delay on specific events, to allow video verification before the fire alarm panel is notified–helping to eliminate nuisance alarms.