Blue Springs, MO, Jan. 3, 2017 – Fike Corporation has named Brad Batz its Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Batz now serves as President and CEO.  He is a third generation Fike family member who has served increasingly responsible roles with the company.

Brad Batz

As President and CEO, Batz is charged with leading the strategy and direction of the company globally. Focused on future growth and profitability, he has been instrumental in introducing new initiatives to streamline the company’s manufacturing and operational processes. Recently, Batz developed and implemented an aggressive plan for restructuring the company to improve its efficiencies and transition to a market-served organization. This created a more energized, motivated and synergistic internal culture, all while better serving Fike customers and markets around the world.

Appointed President in 2014, Batz led all corporate functions, including manufacturing, quality, supply chain, finance, human resources and information technology.  Prior to becoming President, Batz was executive vice president of Fike’s oil & gas business unit and before that Corporate Operations where he was responsible for manufacturing activities around the world.

Batz holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from the University of Florida. He is a native Kansas City-area resident and active in the community supporting charities such as March of Dimes and The Children’s Place.

About Fike
Fike Corporation is a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered solutions for fire protection, explosion protection, overpressure protection and pressure activation.  Because so much is at stake™, since 1945 our highly skilled workforce has designed and built solutions for Fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster.