Remote Test Facility Presents at ISHPMIE XII

ISHPMIE XII was hosted by Fike Corporation August 2018 to an international audience of students, professors and other experts on hazards, mitigation and protection of industrial explosions. The Fike Remote Test Facility was a half-day visit for attendees to experience the research and development conducted by Fike Corporation covering explosion, pressure and fire protection solutions. In order of demonstration:

  1. Open Air Deflagration
  2. Explosion Venting (far right side of screen)
  3. Flameless Venting
  4. High Rate Discharge
  5. Explosion Suppression (yellow cube with clear panes)
  6. Active Isolation (Chemical and Mechanical)
  7. Passive Isolation
  8. Pressure Relief (featuring Fike’s RD500 Atlas rupture disc)
  9. Dust Collector Strength-of-Enclosure Test
  10. Active Conveyance
  11. Metal Dust Deflagration