Michael Krebill

Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Michael Krebill is the Manager for Mechanical Engineering.

“We develop the future products and processes for Fike in the Pressure Relief, Fire Protection and Oil and Gas markets. My specific subject matter expertise is Pressure Relief of which my team and I were key members in the development of the G2 product line. We ensure the foundation of products are created and maintained to provide ever evolving solutions to meet our customers needs as well as support the future growth of our company.”

Michael’s Education and History at Fike:

“I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Missouri and have been at Fike for 21 years.”

What Michael’s coworkers say about him:

“Krebill will go down in Fike history for his key role in developing the G2 rupture disc family. His brainstorming and knowledge in creating this solution helped differentiate Fike from competitors.”