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Comprehensive Services When You Need them Most

In fire protection, reliability and speed of activation is everything. Eliminate fire hazards, minimize downtime and protect mission-critical assets with Fike’s full-scale fire protection capabilities, which ensure your fire detection and suppression systems perform as reliably as they are designed.

Fire Protection is Our Business

Do you need a fire protection system that meets local fire codes? Or one that reliably protects mission critical assets, such as valuable electronics, sensitive data or irreplaceable artifacts? Fike performs and facilitates comprehensive fire protection services, including:

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Facility walk-through, assessment of protecting critical assets

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System Design

Custom system design and bill of materials for one or multiple locations

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Ensure installation of alarms and suppression systems meet or exceed local codes and NFPA guidelines

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Repair & Recharge

On-call 24/7 to minimize downtime and return to full protection status

Step 5


Flexible options for preventative and emergency maintenance; or train your staff to lower cost of ownership

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Backed by scientific research from our in-house Fire Testing Laboratory, Fike’s consultancy team produces custom solutions for your building, processes or special hazards.

Consultancy begins with a tour, where we work with all applicable parties to identify the problem and develop solutions to best protect fire hazards in accordance with all applicable codes, regulations and standards.

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System Design

Fike offers system design services for use in new construction, renovations or additions for single facilities or as the corporate standard across multiple locations.

For suppression systems including chemical agent, inert gas and water mist and for detection systems including fire panels, video analytics, linear heat, UVIR and air sampling, Fike offers three levels of design services:

1. Basic budgetary system design with bill of materials.

2. Engineered system design with bill of materials, pricing and basic diagrams.

3. Detailed system design with bill of materials, pricing and detailed engineered diagrams.

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Installation & Commissioning

It’s imperative that a fire protection system is installed precisely as it’s designed. That’s why our distribution network’s intimate knowledge of Fike products facilitates high-quality installation of fire alarm and suppression systems that meets or exceeds codes. These technicians are experienced performing installation in new or fully functioning operations, including data centers and colocation facilities, commercial buildings, telecommunications facilities and manufacturing facilities.

Fike also offers commissioning services to ensure the fire protection system is working as designed.

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Repair & Recharge

Downtime of a fire protection system should be avoided at all cost. Fike can help you return to full protection status within hours of your initial call.

Whether you require assistance with a fire panel, repair on a detector or a recharge of a clean agent, Fike’s distribution network of comprehensive Fike products and capabilities ensures we have the solutions to minimize downtime of your fire protection system.

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Fike’s preventative and emergency maintenance programs keep your systems functioning as designed and compliant with codes and standards.

We provide various maintenance programs for clean agent fire suppression, water mist fire suppression, CO2 suppression systems, fire alarm and life safety systems, air sampling detection, linear heat detection and many more across all industries and applications:

  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts – Quarterly inspections as required by NFPA.
  • Emergency Service Maintenance – Maintenance and system reset by request.
  • Training and Certification Programs – Training and certification programs for your staff to perform scheduled maintenance.

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A Comprehensive Fire Services Offering

Our fire protection services are designed to offer you any or all of the support you need to realize maximum protection from your detection and suppression systems. To discuss your requirements and how we can support you, reach out to a representative and start your service plan today.

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