Special Hazard Fire Protection

Because Disaster Doesn’t Wait

The world has changed dramatically since Fike entered the fire protection industry more than 50 years ago. Fike's products have evolved alongside today's technologies to protect the world's data centers, telecommunications facilities, chemical processing factories, manufacturing facilities and power plants safe from fires. Disaster doesn’t wait. Stay proactive, stay protected with Fike.

Why Water Sprinklers Don’t Work for Special Hazards

Special hazards generally refer to items of high value or importance, such as servers, artifacts or the building itself. A study by DuPont compared the effectiveness of traditional sprinkler systems to that of a clean agent used in Fike’s ECARO-25 system when offering special hazard fire protection. The clean agent system:

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required 10 seconds to extinguish the fire; sprinklers did not extinguish the fire.

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resulted in no smoke damage; sprinklers resulted in extensive smoke damage.

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extinguished the fire with no water damage; sprinklers resulted in extensive water damage.

Solutions That Work

Special hazard fire protection requires a reliable, comprehensive system that quickly detects and suppresses fires before damaging the building, its contents and its people.


Fire Detection Solutions

Every second is valuable in fire protection. Traditional spot detectors often require significant time to detect a fire, as the smoke or heat must first reach the ceiling before sounding an alarm and triggering sprinklers. Fike’s advanced fire detection systems, ranging from high-tech air sampling systems to camera smoke detectors and video analytics, can detect a fire in very early stages, even if obstructed, and trigger suppression systems in the blink of an eye.

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Fire Suppression Solutions

Fike offers a complete selection of fire suppression solutions, from chemical agents and water mist to inert gases and CO2. And our newest product, FK-5-1-12 is the world’s most environmentally friendly chemical clean agent. Each suppression system is equipped with Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology, resulting in reduced friction losses, longer pipe-runs and greater design flexibility.

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Free Case Study

Protecting Valuable Artwork: A Prime Example of Special Hazard Fire Protection

Wharton Esherick (1878-1970) was a multi-talented artist who produced paintings, decorative frames, woodcuts, sculptures and furniture. Because Esherick’s personal studio preserves a portion of his illustrious collection, the Wharton Esherick Board chose to protect its legacy with a cutting-edge yet cost-effective Fike ECARO-25 fire suppression system.

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