Overpressure Protection

Because Reliability is Our Business

Each year overpressure events result in destroyed equipment, extensive downtime and even casualties. Rupture discs safeguard against overpressure, as they are designed to “burst” when pressure exceeds the allowable pressure within the vessel. Learn how our decades of engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities have led to Fike rupture discs protecting various industries around the world.

The Fike Difference

A rupture disc’s predictability is imperative to keeping people and critical assets safe from overpressure. Through our G2 manufacturing processes, Fike has ultimate control over our reverse-acting rupture discs’ performance. This means our G2 rupture discs have tighter burst tolerances, greater cycle life, higher operating ratios, and above all, better reliability. This is all possible through:

Benefit 1

Pre-Engineered Manufacturing

All possible sizes, burst pressures and materials of rupture discs have been pre-engineered, resulting in a more reliable product and faster lead times.

Benefit 2

Patented Opening Feature

Rather than scoring, G2 uses milling and laser ablation to create the opening feature, which leads to a higher performance product.

Benefit 3

Pre-Bulging Process

Patented techniques allow us to “control the reversal,” contributing to an ultra-reliable disc proven to withstand up to 100,000 cycles.

Reliability is Found in the Details

With the naked eye, rupture discs look quite similar. However, under a high-powered microscope, one can quickly see the difference between a Fike rupture disc and the rest. But the question is, “Why does it matter?”

When it comes to saving lives, reliability matters. The specifications communicated to the end user matter. It’s imperative that a rupture disc performs how it’s intended to perform.

Ours: This is an Axius® rupture disc that has been laser ablated. Notice the precise line of weakness, engineered to open predictably when a given burst pressure is reached.

Theirs: This is an unnamed competitor’s disc which has been scored, or “coined.” Notice the surface inconsistent ablation trench geometry, the heat transfer to surrounding materials and the recast from ejected molten material. This may result in performance degradation (lower cycle life) and even pinholes in the product.


Fike offers rupture discs in nearly any size, burst pressure and material to fit your application and protect against overpressure.

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Extend Life of Pressure Relief Valves

Rupture discs may be used in tandem with costly pressure relief valves to protect them from process media or downstream contaminants. Fike refers to this comprehensive protection as ValveGuard.

ValveGuard is a proven method of reducing maintenance costs, increasing operating potential, improving plant procedures and potentially reducing downtime and fugitive emissions. Calculate your potential savings:

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