Vacuum Protection

Vacuum Relief and Vacuum Resistant Solutions

For many industrial processes, protecting against vacuum pressure is equally as imperative as protecting against overpressure. Learn about Fike’s comprehensive line of rupture discs specifically engineered to relieve or resist vacuums created by even the smallest differential pressure ranges.

Backup for Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves and Vacuum Breathers

Fike’s AD Series rupture discs protect atmospheric vessels from both vacuum and overpressure, and are used to support vacuum breathers and valves. Benefits of AD Series include:

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No holder required—install between standard ASME 150 companion flanges.

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Lowest burst pressures available (1-15 PSIG) protects against subtle pressure differentials.

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Engineered to burst in either direction at same pressure (1:1 ratio)

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Sanitary options (AD-H) available


Fike offers a number of high-performance rupture discs engineered for vacuum protection or resistance.