Brent Mlika
Brent Mlika

Brent Mlika

Electrical Product Compliance Supervisor

Brent is the Electrical Product Compliance Supervisor for the Test and Validation Engineering group.

“My team is important because we are the last line of testing Fike electrical products before they are released for customer use.

My team tests products from initial design and provide very important data back to Fike Engineers to improve the product for both user needs and 3rd party requirement needs. We then test the product with 3rd party approval agencies and because of our due diligence with initial testing it allows us to speed up the 3rd party testing that allows Fike to get the product to market faster. Once 3rd party testing is complete that does not mean that the product is ready for customer use. We then impose Fike’s higher standards of testing to the product and continue to test it all the way up to the release. Even after the release of the product we test the product due to customer needs or requests. This may be due to the way that they want to use it outside of Fike’s original intent or could be due to any change requirements in the local codes that the AHJ might require it to work differently.”

A brief history of Brent and the Electrical Compliance team:

The Electrical Compliance team has been around for about 10 years. I preceded the group, joining Fike 18 years ago.”

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