David Kemp

David Kemp

Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

“I will always remember the first time I was at our remote testing facility and witnessed my first deflagration. The force of the shock wave hitting me and the heat that followed was mind blowing. It was crazy to think this is just a fraction of what we stop from happening on a daily basis.”

As Executive Vice President  of Sales and Marketing, David Kemp oversees Fike’s global commercial operations, sales, customer service, marketing and product management. He’s a hands-on leader who focuses on clearing obstacles out of the way to help his people succeed, in the same way Fike clears the way for its clients to operate their businesses in a safe manner.

“There aren’t many privately held, family owned companies like Fike remaining in the USA, and to be part of an organization whose mission is to protect lives and critical assets is truly a unique opportunity to do something special.”

David lives with his wife, three children and one dog in Overland Park, KS.