Kevin Montgomery
Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Montgomery

Global Product Manager for Fire Detection and Control

Kevin is the Global Product Manager for the Fire Detection and Control Systems.

“The product management role is important to understand Fike’s vision, understand needs and pain points of customers and help develop business cases and products to help solve these problems and grow Fike’s market share and opportunities within those identified target segments.   This role is also the general manager of cross functional team that addresses any day to day concerns with product line, this would cross all key functions in the company accounting, tech support, customer service, sales, marketing, engineering, operations/planning, and production.
Product management helps set priorities, strategies and develop long-term roadmap for product lines that will help Fike Corporation meet its long-term objectives.”

Kevin’s background with Fike and his special training:

“Product Management has been around a long time at Fike in various stages, but the role has definitely evolved and become more focused and strategic as it needs to be over the past 2-3 years. I have been with Fike for 16 years and am a Certified Product Manager.”

What coworkers say about Kevin:

“Kevin has so much drive and ambition to make his product line perform and support the business and customer needs. It is a true pleasure to work with him on projects as his enthusiasm is quickly contagious.”