Comprehensive Agent Options & Design Flexibility


50% Nitrogen, 50% Argon



50% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, 10% Carbon Dioxide



100% Nitrogen



100% Argon


Ease Of Fike's Inert Gas Protection

Pressures support the use of pipe couplings often rated to 750 psi.

Hoses from each cylinder are now routed together and no longer have to be manually attached to a manifold.

Pressure gauges are pre-installed and are not required to be removed for yearly service.

What are the benefits of using inert gas to suppress fires?

High Design Flexibility

Inert gas fire suppression has the ability to reach nearly any location of the protected building regardless of where the cylinders are stored. It is delivered at a constant flow rate of about 600-700 psi which supports the use of small-diameter, low-pressure piping and couplings from the inert gas container all the way to the nozzle.

Green Suppression Option

Inert gas fire suppression uses the same elements in the air (nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide) to reduce the oxygen levels in the protected space. Therefore, this method of fire suppression has an ozone-depletion rating of zero.

Minimal Cleanup & Residue

Inert gas is a viable alternative to sprinkler systems which often result in ruined electronics and other collateral damage. Inert gas systems safely protects critical assets, results in little cleanup, and delivers agent at a constant flow rate to reduce hazardous pressure peaks.

Keep People Safe

Inert gas fire suppression systems are safe for people and are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for use in normally occupied spaces at certain design concentrations levels.

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