Detection & Suppression Systems

Fike fire protection solutions are available from our network of distributors, all of whom are extensively trained to select, apply, install, commission and support any of your needs for the following detection and suppression products:

Protecting people and property from fire begins with the building’s fire control panels. To ensure you find the best solution for your specific application, Fike offers the latest technologies in both addressable and conventional solutions.

Fire Panels

Fike flame detectors quickly identify hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires, and Fike Video Analytics may be installed on existing video networks to detect smoke and oil mist. Or both technologies may be combined to provide a powerful early-warning fire detection system ideal for most challenging environments.

Flame Detectors

Air sampling smoke detectors continuously measure a room's air quality for early signs of combustion, even before smoke is visible. And for many industrial processes, integrating gas detection is necessary to identify hidden explosive or toxic gases.

Air Sampling & Gas Detection

Includes distributed temperature sensing (DTS) fiber optic cables, which measures an application’s complete temperature profile within seconds and therefore can detect the precise location of a fire or the early signs of one.

Linear Heat

Fike chemical agent suppression systems are engineered to eliminate fires at the molecular level. Includes Fike’s proprietary Impulse Valve technology for improved design flexibility and longer piperuns.

Chemical Agents

Include water mist products that create ultra-fine water droplets safe for electronic and other high-value applications, and automatic robotic nozzles which precisely suppress hard-to-reach fires, often within just 15 seconds of detection.

Water Based

Used to reduce oxygen levels to a concentration unsustainable for fires but safe for people and the environment. Its superior design qualities allow for long pipe runs of small-diameter, low-pressure-rating piping with couplings.

Inert Gas

An effective method of fire extinguishment used to minimize downtime in industrial environments. CO2 is the only agent that’s been validated for localized application discharge, providing pinpoint suppression for specific industrial hazard areas.

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Protected Industries & Applications

Do you have a specific area that requires fire protection? Fike’s recommendations and capabilities for protecting these environments include but are not limited to the following:

Data Centers

Data centers store our most sensitive information and therefore require fire protection solutions safe for server rooms, subfloors and control rooms.


Lithium ion batteries may begin to burn and release explosive off-gas, which without reliable protection often results in a fire or explosion.

Wind Turbines

Generating power via wind, coal, hydroelectric or solar requires complex systems of various equipment that each possess their own unique fire hazards.

Transportation - Product Grid A - 302x380px

Due to the number of people who occupy tunnels, ships, airports and hangars, reliable fire detection and suppression is essential in these populated spaces.

Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are often susceptible to both fire and explosions hazards because of the fine combustible dust particles stored and conveyed within the volume.

Museum Gallery

Tragedies such as the National Museum of Brazil and Notre-Dame de Paris fires serve as reminders of what can be lost without fast-acting fire protection solutions.


Includes electrical cabinets and CNC machines, both of which may experience obscured fires but may be quickly extinguished with Fike Small Space Suppression.

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Why Choose Fike As Your Fire Protection Partner

Our team is always available to help you with any problem you may encounter or to determine the most reliable and cost-effective method of protecting your unique application.

Whether it’s deciding between a traditional sprinkler system or Fike DuraQuench, learning our recommended strategy for protecting a Battery Energy Storage System or understanding the differences between our various chemical agents, we aim to be your trusted fire protection partner today and well into the future.

24/7 Technical Support

When you call, we pick up the phone to solve any of your urgent problems. Fike’s dedicated technical support team is here to help during normal business hours and 24/7 in emergency situations.

Wide Distribution Network

Fike fire protection systems are represented by hundreds of trusted partners located around the world. No matter where your business is located, there is likely a trusted Fike partner near you to help specify, install and commission Fike products quickly and reliably.

Proprietary Technologies & Solutions

The Fike team consists of experts who’ve dedicated their careers to the researching, testing, engineering and manufacturing of fire protection systems in countless industries and applications. This results in patented product innovation such as our Impulse Valve technology, Video Analytics software and more, only offered by Fike.


Whether you’re a facility manager, a fire protection distributor, an architect, an engineer or an authority having jurisdiction, the Fike team is here to help. Tell us about your problem, ask us any questions, and get the answers you need.

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"Fike offers solutions to any of our problems. They always have the products we need for our specific applications and the team to help answer any of our questions."

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