CIE-A-200 Fire Alarm System

The CIE-A-200 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is a one loop panel capable of supporting up to 200 devices* with a maximum loop length of 2KM, the panel also provides two configurable monitored input circuits, 2 configurable monitored output circuits, 2 configurable + 1 fault relay and also a Peripheral bus circuit to add up to 8 repeater panels.

The system may be configured utilising 3 alarm stages with full ‘Zone to Zone’ Cause and Effect across all 32 panel zones with provision to include alarm confirmation and delay timers. An additional 32 output zones are also provided for more complex Cause and Effect programming.

The CIE-A-200 control panel is compatible with Fike’s addressable range of devices and utilizes soft addressing principles eliminating the need for the installer to physically address each device whilst also eradicating time spent on faults caused by duplicate addressing. The operating parameters of the devices are configured either from the panel or via the OSP programming software and are then stored within the Flash memory of the device itself. This enhanced digital protocol means less information is needed to be sent between the detector and the host control panel, resulting in faster, more reliable communication.


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