Replace contractual fire watch with Fike's hot works robot

How much does your business spend each year on NFPA- and OSHA-required fire watch? How many hours per year do you assign your employees to perform this job? Now you can drastically reduce these costs with an affordable and easily portable solution, Fike Fire Watch!

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Fike's Hot Works Robotic System

Does your organization perform temporary fire watch…

Hot Work

after hot work has been completed?

New Building Const

during new building construction when fire detection systems have yet to be installed?

Impaired or Disabled Fire Protection

when fire protection systems are impaired or disabled?

Fike Fire Watch offers temporary fire detection to free up staff hours or money spent on contractual fire watch.

When a fire is detected, the unit immediately activates its integrated alarm and can be monitored by a building fire alarm panel or third-party equipment for SMS, mobile phone push, text or email notification.

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Fike Fire Watch

This time- and cost-saving solution includes the following components:

Detects hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires 50 ft away within 1.3 seconds, and fires up to 230 ft away within 3.7 seconds. Each detector includes proprietary algorithms that identify characteristics unique to a flame, ensuring high reliability and false alarm immunity.

Offers live HD-quality, ONVIF S-compliant video feed and pre- and post-event onboard recordings, providing situational awareness of the location of the fire and its source so efforts may be taken to keep the fire from recurring.

FM-approved, NFPA- compliant algorithms monitor Fike IR3’s HD camera for smoke and oil mist and can cover an area over 7,100 square feet per detector.

Alerts job site personnel of a hazard by providing NFPA-compliant visual strobe light and audible horn alarm signals. Also includes alarm and fault dry contact relays that may be monitored by existing building fire alarm panels or remote monitoring systems.

Supplies the Fike Fire Watch system with uninterrupted power for 18.7 hours with one IR3 flame detector or 17.2 hours with two detectors.

Fire Watch Vert Tabs

Why Use Fike Fire Watch for Hot Work Fire Hazards?

The term “hot work” includes any work that involves drilling, cutting, grinding, welding, soldering, burning or melting of flammable substances and other spark-producing activities.

The risk with hot work is very high because it introduces an ignition source into the environment, which certainly already possesses the other segments of the fire triangle: oxygen and fuel. A 2021 NFPA study reported that from 2014 to 2018 hot work caused a significant number of injuries and damages (see graphic).

4,630 Structure Fires Involving Hot Work Per Year



Civilian Deaths (2)

Civilian Injuries


Firefighter fatalities







In direct property damage per year

Were in or on non-home properties

Civilian deaths caused per year

Civilian injuries caused per year

Were in or on homes

Firefighter fatalities

(between 2001-2018)

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Contact us to learn more about how you can use Fike Fire Watch to safety perform hot work and how it may be used in many other applications.