Reliable & Cost-Effective Water Mist Suppression

In 2015 Fike launched DuraQuench, a low-pressure pumped water mist system which connects directly to a building’s water main or reservoir to provide unlimited fire suppression. The next evolution of this cost-effective water mist technology is now available with the Fike DuraQuench Pro! 

The smaller and more efficient DuraQuench Pro offers reliable, eco-friendly fire suppression that avoids current market forces around chemical agents, the AIM Act, PFAS, etc., and the damaging effects of a traditional discharged sprinkler system in environments with mission-critical assets and invaluables.

No matter your application, DuraQuench Pro has you covered!

DuraQuench Pro Advantages

Small Footprint, Large Coverage

Small Footprint, Large Coverage

Offered in 111 GPM or 155 GPM models and may protect multiple zones, creating endless possibilities for system design and configuration.

corrosion resistant piping

Ease of Implementation

Allows for maximum flexibility of corrosion-resistant pipe options, including copper, stainless steel and CPVC, which can all be sourced from your preferred local supplier.

range of applications

Flexible Range of Applications

Supports deluge systems ideal for industrial environments and closed-head systems for data centers and light hazards, such as apartments, offices, etc. 

new construction

New Construction Alternative

May be used as both a cost-effective and reliable alternative for when sprinkler systems require new construction or are not the most reliable method of protection.

What’s New with the DuraQuench Pro?

DuraQuench Pro skid front side

DuraQuench Pro Footprint

The new pump skid is smaller and lighter (approximately half the size and weight of the first generation DuraQuench), ideal for rooms where space is at a premium.

Efficiency Advantages

By making DuraQuench Pro smaller and more efficient, it is now priced more cost effectively than ever before!

DuraQuench Pro Expanded Coverage

DuraQuench Pro has been expanded into 111 GPM and 155 GPM models to minimize the need for multiple pump skids.

Easier Install & Implementation

DuraQuench Pro components come pre-piped and factory installed - just connect a potable water source into the pump skid, the outlets into the pipe network, the controller to the releasing panel, and DuraQuench Pro is ready!

Overall Upgrades

Component upgrades have been made throughout the pump skid, including a new stainless steel strainer for better filtration of inlet water, a user-friendly Tornatech Pump Controller, and a new thermal relief valve and pressure relief valve.

Fike DuraQuench FM-Approved Applications

Data Centers

Data centers

Uses closed-head pre-action system nozzles for server rooms, including upright nozzles for subfloors. Possesses FM approvals for data processing rooms (both above and below floor) and for local application design.


Turbines (Steam and Diesel)

Deluge system with open nozzles fills the space with water mist, suppressing fires on the pump, bearings and shaft as well as extinguishing lube fires. Ideal replacement for CO2 suppression.

Enclosed Machinery

Machinery Enclosures

For spaces containing internal combustion engines, oil pumps, oil tanks, fuel filters, generators and more, a deluge system with open nozzles is recommended. Ideal replacement for CO2 suppression.

Commercial Buildings

Light Hazard

A wet alarm system using closed-head nozzles and water-filled pipes is recommended for apartments, hospitals, hotels, churches, libraries, restaurants, schools and more.

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