Pinpoint Water Suppression For Hard-To-Reach Fires

Do you have potential fire hazards that are difficult to reach, such as fires originating from piles of waste, wood chips, tires or scrap metals? On the tops of racks in a warehouse? Or rooftops where solar panels are installed?

If this describes your environment, Fike Fire Monitors may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Our robotic water cannons offer pinpoint accuracy extinguishment, ideal for these environments and countless others. They are frequently combined with Fike flame detectors to create the ultimate early warning, water- or foam-based fire suppression solution. 

Here’s how the new technology works:

Flame Detectors

A fire is identified and provides pointing data to a zone


Water or foam is discharged in a full spray pattern

Stand By

The water cannon reparks until called upon again

Fike Fire Monitors are ideal for numerous applications because of their:

Fire Monitors Suppression for Marine Applications

Automatic & Manual Control Settings

May be programmed to spray in certain zones upon detection of a fire, or a human operator may also view live video and control the unit remotely anywhere in the world with a joystick, app or computer.

Wide Coverage Range

Wide Coverage Range

Wall mounts offer up to 180 degrees of coverage while ceiling mounts can reach hazards in a full 360-degree area; discharges up to 1,320 gallons per minute up to 87 yards away in a total nozzle spray pattern.

Fire Monitors Suppression for Hangars

Flexible Suppression

With the ability to be paired with any Fike fire detectors, Fike Fire Monitors offer an additional layer of flexibility when designing a reliable fire protection system to protect your critical assets and limit downtime.

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