How RD540 SC Can Replace Graphite Discs in Low-Pressure Applications


Glass-lined vessels and reactors, and other delicate equipment, are used in critical applications where either vapors or liquids are present, and the production of catalysts are common. Rupture discs with very low burst pressures are often used in these fragile applications.

Historically, only graphite rupture discs have been able to achieve these low bust pressures while also offering extreme temperature tolerance and chemical and corrosion resistance.

However, using graphite rupture discs in these applications presents plenty of disadvantages as well. Fike RD540 SC rupture discs, which possess burst pressures as low as 2.5 psig/0.17 barg, may be used to fill new and existing low-pressure applications and avoid some of the limitations inherent in graphite rupture discs:

No Cleanup or Unexpected Downtime

When a graphite rupture disc bursts, it requires an extensive cleaning process and unplanned downtime. This is especially disastrous when producing high-value products, as one burst graphite rupture disc may contaminate a batch. Conversely, RD540 SC is non-fragmenting, meaning that when activated the rupture disc may be easily replaced and production may resume as normal.

No Reduced Production Efficiency

Clamping a fragile graphite disc between flanges often induces a hairline crack into the disc, which affects its ability to control pressures. In other words, its burst tolerance likely decreases, producing unpredictable results by bursting at lower or higher pressures or temperatures than intended. RD540 SC is made from 316 or 316L SST stainless steel or Hastelloy® C276 that will not crack or fracture during installation. Each Axius SC disc produced by Fike is ensured to burst extremely closely when intended, particularly with such low burst pressures, and offer the following burst tolerances:

  • ± 20% for BP < 5 psig/0.34 barg & 72℉ /22℃
  • ± 15% psig for BP 5-10 psig/0.34-0.69 barg & 72℉ /22℃
  • ± 2 psig for BP > 15 psig/1.03 barg & 72℉ /22℃

No Chance of Premature Fracture

Graphite discs have relatively low “operating ratios,” requiring processes to run less efficiently and resulting in more frequent disc replacements. While most graphite discs have an 80 percent operating ratio, RD540 SC has a 90 percent operating ratio of minimum burst tolerance, meaning processes can be run without fear of degrading the installed rupture discs.

No Fear of Product Contamination

RD540 SC is specifically designed to meet the stringent hygienic and aseptic requirements of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the hygienic needs of the food and beverage industries. It is free from indentations, crevices or any other features that may trap process contaminants, which makes it optimal for clean in place and steam in place processes (CIP/SIP) and results in compliance with 3-A standard 60-01. It has undergone thorough process development and validation testing to ensure its reliability with its standard offering including multiple sizes and gasket materials that meet global standards. The design makes it easy to install both in hygienic (Tri-Clamp) ferrules and NovAseptic tank connections (NA-Connect).

If you have any questions about Fike rupture disc technology or need a reliable pressure relief partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts!

Problem? Solved.

If you have any questions about Fike rupture disc technology or need a reliable pressure relief partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts!